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"We appreciate grand traditions and customs turning them into reality with our products, creative and exclusive embroidery, made with a great deal of love, inspiration and effort ...

It was my granny who started the embroidery tradition in our Family. Sleepless nights she was creating embroidered towels, shirts, various paintings and carpets for the whole Family and friends. Even after many years she saved her passion for embroidery sharing her knowledge about its energy, symbolism and protecting power. By the same token, me, inspired by the Grannys passion, studied the embroidery symbolism as well. And everyone wearing embroidery should follow our example to find out about its great power!

So, feeling this strong connection with the great-grandmother, I realized the necessity to extend this tradition. As working out a new design, model and choosing the best option of fabric for the dress, blouse or FamilyLook for I feel so much inspired.

One day I shared my thoughts and ideas about the brand line of creative, exclusive embroideries with my cousin, who also got extremely interested in it. So, together we started working on new dresses and blouses (in the future we plan to expand the product line), discussing new ideas and designs, world fashion trends, working on self-improvementevery single day... and as a result, creating what was only your dream before... Its an incredible reward to see your happiness and satisfaction when trying on our creations!

As materials for our creations we use only so-called “green fabric”, such as high-quality linen, velvet and silk perfect for any weather conditions and safe for your health. And making you feel special and happy!

At this moment we feel extremely happy because ... to create our brand is to create beauty that will allow its owner to feel unique, charming and really happy!

We are more than sure that all the dreams might be fulfilled! And our exclusive embroidered creations according to your taste and dream are the very proof of that!



- First there was a Dream .... -

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