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modern interpretation of the traditional clothing

Ukrainian vyshyvanka, hand  made clothing worn by our grandmothers, has a long history. There was, however, a period when it was neglected, but these days passed away to craftswomen delight.

Fancy vyshyvanka, lets wear it new way!
To wear vyshyvanka you don’t need any complex combo of clothing. Before it was combined with long skirt and belt, called krayka, but these days democratic fashion gives us options for experiments! Modern fashionistas successfully combine vyshyvanka both with skirts and jeans and even shorts, creating new everyday looks.






Fancy vyshyvanka, being now not just traditional clothing, gives options for modern accessories, such as bright bags and heels, wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses which make you ready to conquer the world! If in doubt, how to complete your look, check the way celebrities do it. Vyshyvanka is a real trend for several seasons in a row already! And, actually it is worn not only by Ukrainian celebrities but by guest stars as well :





Vyshyvanka as trend
Ukrainians were always proud of their embroidered clothes, which patterns carried a deep philosophical meaning. And now taking into account recent political events, the whole world looked in a new way at vyshyvanka. Had a  look and ...fell in love! So now our national motives are clearly traced in the collections of famous designers. Here's vyshyvanka option rom French fashion house Valentino (show Spring-Summer 2015):



Authoritative American magazine «Vogue» even considered Ukrainian vyshyvanka as fashion trend of the season! Greatest success of our traditional clothing is associated with the popularity of Ukrainian designers, whose embroidered dresses became a sensation in the fashion world: fashion "vyshyvanka-couture" surprises with blend of traditional ornaments, unusual fabrics and author's approach to tailoring.






Now you know that Ukrainian vyshyvanka is a real trend. So, put it on to look great to the eyes of the whole world! In case you are only on the way to make your choice, our team will gladly back you up to create an exclusive dress, blouse or special family look for you and your whole family!












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